What do you see first? My black gold and green blended soul or my mocha skin?

My heart

Thoughts I had when I saw the Amy Cooper video.

Wednesday May 06, 2020

At the beginning of the shutdown, I began working with a team of women online to make a documentary about pandemic point of views to keep myself working and focussed. I’ve also been crafting a personal docu-series featuring family and friends as I realized there was a lack of stories from people of color. As…

T2 watches TV

3 hours later I’m TV satiated, hot chocolate is but stains in the mug and the guilt has settled in. No not about the hot chocolate, though I’ll prolly come back to that tomorrow. It’s guilt about falling in love with the series.

T2s Tattoo Testimony

How’s that for alliteration? As a teenager I was fascinated by tattoos. Artwork on your body? Count me in. But I wasn’t in a motorcycle gang or a lesbian so maybe not. There’s also the fact that I lived in Jamaica and belong to a very traditional though unconventional family. (but that’s another story for…